Mörtsjön, Huddinge, July 2007

This post comes from a little closer to home… Mörtsjön in Huddinge, not to be confused with the Carping “mecca” that is Mörtsjön in Täby (both waters on the Stockholm ticket).

This is an idyllic little water, nestled within a forest. It takes a little bit of walking to get to the lake, and there are only limited swims, so you are taking a gamble going there. On this occasion I was lucky enough to get what I consider to be the best swim at the top end, next to the lilly pads.

Float fishing by the pads in Mörtsjön

Float-fishing and loose feeding corn was the method this time around, scouring the mirror-like surface for bubbles. Classic Crucian and Tench fishing. I stayed into the dark, but after catching a few dog roach, this 3lbs 1oz Crucian lifted the float.

3lbs 1oz Crucian Carp, pictured with float rod, float and reel

As the light began to fade, it’s smaller kompis slid over the net.

Smaller Crucian

The light was going fast, but I was just able to spot some bubbles on the surface just beyond the rod top, so I just plonked the float in without re-plumbing for the correct depth and within 30 seconds it was away, resulting in this small male tinca.

Small Tench

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