Trekanten, 5 September 2010

The planets were finally in alignment and so it was that I was able to fish on the same day and the same venue as none other than Dr. Phil and Johan.

After waiting for Phil to navigate his way to the lake without getting rear-ended by a Stockholm tram, we picked out a few pegs on the north bank with gaps just about big enough to swing a cat, if not a 14 foot waggler rod!

I then had to wait for 20 minutes before I could get into my peg as some cheeky lurechucker bagged it whilst we were loading up the trollies.

Johan then started a little swim clearance and bagged the biggest snag of the day in the process.

Johan's snag

Wishing I’d brought along my pole instead of waggler and feeder rods, I got about the roach all of 4 metres from the bank.


Most fish were caught on or close to the bottom, except for a short spell when the sun came out in full (hard to believe of late) when I got few mid water on the drop.

With Johan ending up chatting to all and sundry on the footpath who had passed me by (sometimes it helps when you don’t prata svenska), I was left in somewhat relative peace and quite to concentrate on the bites, netting a numpty’s bag of roach (and a solitary perch).

Net of roach

It was a very enjoyable few hours of fishing, and perhaps the last time I sit on the ol’ blue Rive box on Octoplus legs – bring on the Octbox (if the courier ever gets it act together)!


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