Igeltjärnen, Värmland, August 2007

I’m dipping back into the archives again, this time to Värmland and a little lily fringed lake in Deje, north of Forshaga.

I was put onto the lake by the guides at the Forshaga Sportfiskecenter with the promise of hard-fighting tench and crucians.

3lb 1oz Crucian

I fished a couple of different swims, on different days, both fairly early in the morning, before it got too hot and packed up at around 10am. I pre-baited swims with a couple cans of corn the night before each visit.

Loose feeding corn, and fishing with strong elastics in 4-5 sections of pole within 2 feet of the pads, was the means of attack. When the bites came a simple lift of the pole tip, up sightly and towards the pads, usually confused the fish enough to make them dart the other way, far enough into open water where the strong elastic did the business.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case, and a tench of about 6-7 pounds, did manage to escape me by winding the line around one pretty stubborn lily pad.

The fishing was fantastic though, even the perch liked corn, and I’ve promised myself to go back again.

Quality tench, rudd and perch

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