Octbox 2010 Mk2 Seat Box + Platform + Wheel Barrow + Pole Support System!!!

I’ve mentioned this seatbox on steroids in a couple of earlier posts, and now I have one!  There is an immense amount of hardware in this package, as you can see from the picture (not pictured are the 33 pole float winders, and 2 removable trays that are are inside the seatbox modules).

Nordik Tackle Octbox System Parts

There are many configurations possible, from a simple single module with seat cushion on four square legs, all the way up to the seatbox and slide-out footplate with a combined wheel barrow / platform / pole support system. As a platform, this beast is designed to allow you to sit on the box in 3 feet of water – perfect for the wilder waters we get here in Sweden.

Normally you pay extra for a side tray, pole roller, pole rest and a hoop to hold a groundbait bowl, but these are all included along with 2 spray bars and 5 accessory blocks.

The wheels come with two different axle setups: one as the full barrow and one as a more traditional wheel kit that connects to the seatbox, typically replacing a couple of the legs during transit.

In addition to the Mk 2 system, I also ordered an additional Feeder and Large Float Tackle Box (huge!!!) and 3 extra Alloy Multi Adaptors so that I can continue to use my Octoplus accessories.

I set to work putting this goliath together into a barrow configuration and loaded up my Preston Hardcase Pole Holdall and 2 rod sleeve. The wheels on the barrow can be fitted in one of two positions: one, as in the picture below, with the wheels more central for smoother paths, and secondly, further forward for rutted or bumpy terrain.

Nordik Tackle's Octbox 2010 Mk2 Ready to Roll

Now I can’t wait to transfer all my kit from my countless plastic boxes into the seatbox modules and go fishing!


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2 Responses to Octbox 2010 Mk2 Seat Box + Platform + Wheel Barrow + Pole Support System!!!

  1. J.Tikkanen says:

    Must say that jealousy sneaks in the hood…i must see that one day.

    Mvh Tikkanen

  2. Dr.Phil says:

    Excellent system ………what a great multi-function system for that money ……would not be surprised to see more of them being used.

    Well done mate

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