A Brax Bonanza, Fyrisån, 12th September 2010

I chose Fyrisån in Uppsala city centre today for my first outing with my new Octbox.  I set it up with just one of the two modules today (I didn’t see the point of taking a second one full of empty pole winders!)

Sliding the footplate and the barrow frame under the main seatbox part of the system, I was able to get the beast into the back of the car, with not a lot of room for much else in the boot space. Carryall and rod bags went on the seats.

Octbox in the car boot

Getting from the car to the bank was a breeze, as the wheels can be positioned exactly where the point of balance is.

Octbox on the bank

Once set up, it was straight in with the open end feeder. The recipe for today was 50:50 Van Den Eynde Superlake and Brown crumb. To this I added chopped worms, corn, some left over casters and some 3mm fishmeal carp pellets. For hookbaits I had white and red maggots, worms and corn. As it turned out, worms were the order of the day: either one large or a couple of small ones tipped with either a maggot or corn.

I put a lot of feed into the large capacity Drennan feeder, just plugging the ends with the crumb. It took 3 casts to mid-river to get my first bite and the next cast produced the first fish: a skimmer of about 1.5lbs. It turned out to be one of the smallest of the day.

After that, the bites came thick and fast, many immediately after I’d settled the rod on the rest and tightened the line to the feeder. It stayed like that for the first 2 hours, before the bites got more finicky and then died away with a lull in the action around 1.30pm. At least it gave me chance to get a bite to eat. By then the bream were averaging 4lbs a piece.

4lb Fyrisån bream

I had a very quick spell on the short pole, but the middle of the river was calling. After the break, I decided to cast a little further downstream to see if the larger fish were sitting back from the early point. Within a couple of casts my guess was proved right and a steady procession of fish followed.

Another Fyrisån bream

The odd fish were around 3lbs, but they were outnumbered by their bigger relatives. I was now regularly catching bream of 5.5lbs.

4lb plus Fyrisån bream

It was turning into a red letter day. I’d lost count of the fish of 4lbs+ at around 25 but I’d reckoned on having 30-35 clonkers in the keepnet.

Soon enough, it was time to pack up. As I was pulling in the keepnet, a small crowd gathered on the deck opposite and an Englishman shouted out, “Lift it up, so we can see”. I shouted back, “I can’t it’s over a 100lbs!”

The bottom two sections of the keepnet were full of fish. I’ve caught a fair few bream from Fyrisån before today, but this was at least double anything I’d had before. It just may be that this new seatbox is my new lucky charm!

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2 Responses to A Brax Bonanza, Fyrisån, 12th September 2010

  1. Dr.Phil says:

    Great blogging Tim ……keep it up , it makes great reading.

    Are you on Facebook ?……..Johan and i are .


  2. J.Tikkanen says:

    What a comeback in fishing “fyris”. I love that canal I´ve even picked out prices from matches there 🙂
    I´m tying hooklenghts between the feeding and the nappy changes.
    Next weekend I´m fishing the qualifiers at Götacanal…wish me luck.

    Speak soon ! Mvh Tikkanen

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