New toys

Family are currently visiting from England and they brought with them some toys I had ordered online from Benwick Sports.

Kamasan PT2 Insert Wagglers an PT1 Straight Wagglers in sizes 2BB, 3BB, 2AA, 2.5AA, 3AA and 2 Swan. Tubertini Pole Floats with thick plastic bristles, for sweetcorn and other heavy hookbaits.

Kamasan Wagglers and Tubertini Pole Floats

Cralusso Shark Flat Floats (2gr, 3gr, 4gr, 5gr), Cralusso Surf floats (3gr, 4gr, 6gr).

Cralusso Floats

Groundbait whisk, Colmic Olivettes (2gr, 2.5gr, 3gr, 4 gr, 5gr, 6gr, 8gr), Drennan swivel stop beads, Cralusso medium anti-tangle waggler attachments, Tubertini Series 2 hooks (in sizes 20, 18, 16, 14), Series 18 hooks (in sizes 16, 15, 14, 12), Colmic N600 hooks in size 10, and large Cralusso float stops.

Whisk, hooks, float stops, swivel stop beads and olivettes

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