My new season preparations are now underway. Whilst back in the UK over the New Year I got my hands on some of the Preston Innovations In Box Hooklength Boxes: one small and one large.

The large box is now filled up with 6 each of 30 / 40 / 50 cm long 0.11mm Preston Innovations PowerLine with size 14 Drennan Carbon Feeder hooks and 6 of each length with 0.13mm / size 12.

Feeder Hooklengths

Feeder Hooklengths

The small box is still a work in progress but will be filled with 6 lengths each of 15cm PowerLine with Tubertini Serie 2 hooks in the following combinations:

  • Size 20 hooks to 0.07mm diameter line
  • Size 18 hooks to 0.08mm diameter line
  • Size 16 hooks to 0.09mm diameter line
  • Size 14 hooks to 0.11mm diameter line
  • Size 12 hooks to 0.13mm diameter line

I use a Tymo LetraTag LT100H for the labels inside the box with plastic rather than paper tape.

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