Stocked Up with Hook Ups!

In the past I have used plain old rubber bands for retaining the hooks on made up pole top sections. There are a number of problems with this setup: the two biggest being that when trying to move the rubber bands up or down the pole, I’d have to take out the rig from the band or it would wrap itself around the hooklength; and rubber bands simply degrade and / or break very easily.

I’ve been looking around for different alternatives but it wasn’t until my first visit to Dr Phil’s Toyz Room that I saw a pack of the Twister Hook Ups from Real Ideas. As soon as I saw them I knew this is what I wanted.

Real Ideas Twister Hook Ups
The Hook Ups are made of nylon so they can be easily slid up and down a pole without wiggling about and they won’t degrade like rubber. The Hook Ups are locked in place on the pole by simply twisting the eyed tags around each other.

The Hook Ups also solve another problem for me. I have 5 top 3 kits but only 3 top 4’s for my pole. If I want to keep more than 3 rigs made up that are longer than a top 3 I have to keep the extras on winders, banded to a top 3. This is no problem with two different sized Hook Ups on the same pole. Watch the video to see how you can use the two different sizes together to keep a long rig on a short top kit. Bloody marvelous!

I contacted Nick Palmer, the inventor and I was soon placed an order of 50 packs for myself and the other Match Anglers United club members.

I’m now stocked up with 10 sets: that’s 70 Hook Ups, 10 in each size.
Boxed Hook Ups

Nick was also kind enough to send me another of his inventions, the Clever Claw Mark 2 a hands-free way to keep a pole steady. This look like a fantastic bit of kit. I occasionally suffer with a bad back, so I can’t wait to see how the Clever Claw performs. Watch this space for a review as soon as the ice clears!

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  1. I see you have done exactly what I do and put a number of ‘Twister’ Hook Ups into a box with compartments. Great minds think alike Tim. lol

    We will be watching with interest for your Mk2 Clever Claw field test feedback. You will find the CC grows on you and get quicker and slicker the more you use it.

    Nick Palmer – Real Ideas

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