Örebro Open, 7-8th May 2011

Well, what can I say? I had a shocker (at least on the Sunday). Buoyed up with my 5th spot at Arboga I was looking forward to this match.

Day One

On Saturday I drew peg D39 opposite the marina entrance and managed to wangle out 3.340kg, beating my neighbours either side (with 2.16kg and 2.2kg) in a section labelled, by the eventual winner Mikael Tono, “D is for Disaster”.

For the record, I fished (for the first time ever) at 13m letting a 2gr Dino EA Champion 2004 float ease down the peg, varying the depth and shotting pattern throughout the day. Maggot and caster hookbaits on a size 16 Tubertini Series 2 to .10 line gave the best bites. I threw in regular small balls of groundbait with just a little feed just to keep a scent in the water. I sensed there were not a lot of fish about, so I did not want to overfeed them. With less then 10 minutes to go a larger skimmer of about a kilo decided to take a double red maggot and single caster bait, 15 cms off bottom. After a short fight on a no. 4 elastic it was in the net. I ended up 7th in section, beaten by those drawn furthest from the marina entrance.

Day Two

Hoping for a better draw on Sunday, I drew A7, a peg I had had about 16kilos from in a pleasure session a couple of years ago. I had Phil to my left on A6. I was more optimistic about the peg but had Mikael’s words from the evening before in my head, “A is for Awful”. And, by God, was he right!

Fishing at 13m I struggled to get bites with very few fish coming no matter what I tried in terms of hookbaits, shotting pattern or depth. Soon after my neighbour on A8 landed a nice tench, I decided to change tactics and cast a feeder to the far side. I was getting indications but the bites were unhittable and there were quite a few snags. I came back onto the pole line, but it was no better.

To add insult to injury, an upstream wind started blowing, making my “Banana pole” (Phil’s words, not mine) hard to handle, and too be fair, I was fishing like a plonker anyway.

I switched to a slider, fished about 2/3rds the way over and took 3 roach, one of a fairly ok size. The slider was proving difficult to fish consistently though, and so I decided to sit out the remaining hour on the feeder at 2/3rds distance. Again, I had indications but could not connect with the bites despite changing the feeder weight, hooklength and hook sizes and patterns.

I was so disgusted with myself that I didn’t bother to weigh in the 10-20 fish I had for what was probably less than a kilo.

Lesson learned this week: Match fishing is not pleasure fishing! But it still beats golf.

This coming Saturday I’m up for more punishment at the Feeder match in Nyköping. Hopefully, the draw Gods will be on my side this time! 🙂


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