Casini Exxxxcellence Alborella Whips

After getting a mauling by the Bleak Masters at DM3 on Fyrisån at Uppsala over the weekend I went on a spending spree and got myself a set of shorter whips.

Casini Exxxcellence Alborella Whips

These Casini whips are beautifully made and come in lengths from 2m to 5m.

I already have a 5m Colmic Virtuosa with 6m and 7m versions on order, so went for the 6 shortest lengths. The specs are:

  • 2m: 30gr in weight, 15mm diameter at the butt
  • 2,5m: 40gr, 16mm
  • 3,0m: 50gr, 17mm
  • 3,5m: 70gr, 18mm
  • 4,0m: 95gr, 19mm
  • 4,5m: 115gr, 20mm
  • 5,0m: 150gr, 22mm

These are stiff, very light and stylish without the gaudy graphics you sometimes get on (especially cheaper) whips and poles. The joints are reinforced well and taper nicely to the easily replaced tip section. The handle has a nice texture to it that should prove great to hold.

I can’t wait to get out and give them a try!

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