Tråkiga i Trosa? Absolut inte!

For my first coarse fishing (rather than ice fishing trip) in 2012, I took the long drive down to Trosa to fish in the stream before all the boats are put back in the water.

The main purpose for going, apart from dusting off the cobwebs, was to try out some new toys I’d bought over the winter: a Prestons Innovations 13ft Sentient float rod (with a 2 foot extension), a Daiwa Whisker 2508 reel and a Cralusso Surf float.

I set up a little upstream of Dr. Phil who was testing out some Dino bolo floats off the end of the rod top. Although expensive at about £7 (80kr) each, the Cralusso Surf float is designed to allow you to fish in flowing water beyond the rod top and hold back. The floats can be used on running line or pole.

Pegs were just upstream and on the opposite bank to the Bomans Hotel

I fished the 4gr model but given the flow over-shot it by an extra 1gr; keeping a tight line between the rod tip and float then keeps the float top above the water whilst giving a very sensitive bite response. The shotting pattern is much like you might expect for a flat float on the pole with the bulk was set up between 6 and 12 inches (15 and 30 cms) off bottom with a few small droppers beneath, dragging on the bottom. Hook was a size 12 Tubertini Series 18.

These floats can be overshot by as much as 100%, depending on the strength of the flow, inched through the swim, held back hard, or even dragged back up stream! It takes some time to get your head around the concept but they work incredibly well.

Whilst I fiddled about with the setup and got used to how the float performed without a baited hook, Phil started catching from the first put in. The weather held up and although a little cold to begin with the day turned out to very nice. A few of the friendly Trosa AFK lads came by to say hej.

Groundbait for the day was 2/3rds Van Den Eynde Turbo Black and 1/3rd VDE Supermatch laced with casters and corn. Hookbait was maggot, corn or corn/caster cocktails. It was pretty much fish a chuck: roach, björkna (white bream) and ide. Phil who was fishing closer in was quicker to land each fish so he ended up with more in the net, but I had a great day fishing further out, surfing the float into position, either holding back or inching through the swim. Most fish were 8-12oz and a 4oz roach was rare!

Ide, less than half the size of the "one that got away"

Phil generously gave me 25kgs, though I think it was closer to 20kgs. It didn’t really matter (although I was annoyed to lose a big Ide), the day was about experimentation and blowing off cobwebs. It certainly did that and Trosa is anything but boring! Direct Google translation of this blog post title, “Boring in Panties? Absolutely not!”

20-25kgs, depending on who you ask! Photo: Dr. Phil

Acknowledgements: My thanks go to Percy of Trosa AFK for the loan of his Leatherman tool to free my landing net from a quick-release attachment I’d forgotten to take off the night before and to Phil for the loan of a spacer bar so I could use my keep net (a couple of those “first session of the season” mistakes).

Read more about the day on Dr. Phil’s blog.

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