Tubertini Extreme Match 7700 13m Take Apart Pole

I’d been wanting to change my take apart pole for over a year so when I collected the Tubertini from Lars at Swedbait I was keen to get it elasticated and out on the bank.

The pole and top kits arrived in nice durable tubes one for each top kit, one for sections 5, 6 and 7 and one each for the 11.5m and 13m sections.

Tubertini Extreme Match 7700 with top kits in tubes

The base pole (part number: *0110**) does not come with any top kits, so you need to choose from the range of 9 Evo kits. The base pole weights 815gr for 13m and comes in sections no longer than 170cm. The 11.5m and 13m sections are identical in diameter and profile using Tubertini’s “Parallel Lines” mandrel.

The pole uses the same mandrel as the top-of-the-range Evola 9000, the Evola Carp and Extreme Carp 6500 and 5000 poles.

There is also a 65cm extension available (*0061**).

I chose 6 of the standard kits (*1864**). I will later add an Evo Carp top kit (*1865**) to be converted into a cupping kit.

I initially set up the top 4 kits (5.1m in length) with Daiwa Hydroelastic’s in Pink, Blue, White and Grey. I used Preston Innovations Dacron connectors from yellow (small) to Blue (X-Large).

Pole tips with markers and dacron connectors

Pro Slide Tip, patented by Tubertini

Tubertini have introduced a patented system called “Pro Slide Tip” where the tip of the pole is reinforced (5mm outer diameter) and the internal part of the hole (3mm in diameter) is smoothed out so that a PTFE bush is not required. So far, I have rarely bumped a fish, so the system seems to work.

ProtectapoleI have added PTFE nose cones from Protectapole who confirmed that the sizing of each section is similar to the Tricast range of poles. These cones help to protect the male ends of each pole section as you put the pole together. I bought cones for sections 3 through 9. These are not particularly cheap, but are cost effective when you consider the price of repairing sections.

So far, I have used the pole on a couple of pleasure sessions on Fyrisån in Uppsala and for practice and the SM on Lidan. The pole has performed fantastically well. Whilst I have not yet hooked and played any whoppers on the pole, hooking into small fish on the strike is much better than my previous (cheaper) pole.

Whilst this is not a top-of-the-range pole, I can really recommend the Tubertini Extreme Match 7700 to any serious amateur match angler. Just go and see Lars Lennartsson at Swedbait for a great deal. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. I’m not!

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