Slider fishing in Malären, Friday 16th May 2014

After the previous weekend’s struggles at the Swedish Masters’ Team (SM Lag) competition in Tranås, I needed to get out and catch some fish to restore some confidence!

On Thursday evening, I pre-baited a swim in a local bay close to home in Malären using up some unused ground bait from the SM laced with dead pinkies, sweetcorn and stewed wheat. I’ve fished there a few times before and caught many roach, generally of a good stamp. I’d not fished it in the spring though, so it would be interesting to see if the fish were there. The water was still pretty cold and this Friday was the first warm day since a much warmer spell a couple of weeks back that tricked us into thinking we’d get an early summer in Sweden this year.

I fished a 7gr slider “Belgian-style” (see Sliding Across Frontiers) at around 20m and got a bite most casts out. I did not feed at all during the session as the bites were fairly consistent and I wanted to see just how many fish were about without topping-up.

I ended the session of 4.5 hours with 103 fish. 2 were skimmers of a little over a pound with a grumpy old looking roach just under a pound. The rest of the fish were mainly roach with the odd perch and a few björkna. I estimated the catch to be in the region of 10 kilos. Most fish were caught on triple red/white maggot, a small dendra or mix of caster/maggot.

I did not fish it hard and I think I could have caught more with a float that would have settled faster in the 6m depth.

I aim to go back soon and fish the whip to see if the fish are catchable closer in too, but at least for now I know I can still catch fish!

Slider catch

103 fish for about 10 kilos

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