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Tubertini Extreme Match 7700 13m Take Apart Pole

I’d been wanting to change my take apart pole for over a year so when I collected the Tubertini from Lars at Swedbait I was keen to get it elasticated and out on the bank. The pole and top kits arrived … Continue reading

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Halacska Open 2011, Arboga 30th April – 1st May

After weeks months of preparation and waiting, my first fishing session and match of the season finally came around.  I had intended on a practice session somewhere in Stockholm over the Easter weekend but I was struck down with man … Continue reading

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Stocked Up with Hook Ups!

In the past I have used plain old rubber bands for retaining the hooks on made up pole top sections. There are a number of problems with this setup: the two biggest being that when trying to move the rubber … Continue reading

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