Neil McKinnon Fish’O’Mania 2010 Winner

Match fishing tips and tactics with 2010 Fish’O’Mania champion Neil McKinnon on the Tight Lines podcast with Keith Arthur

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New toys

Family are currently visiting from England and they brought with them some toys I had ordered online from Benwick Sports.

Kamasan PT2 Insert Wagglers an PT1 Straight Wagglers in sizes 2BB, 3BB, 2AA, 2.5AA, 3AA and 2 Swan. Tubertini Pole Floats with thick plastic bristles, for sweetcorn and other heavy hookbaits.

Kamasan Wagglers and Tubertini Pole Floats

Cralusso Shark Flat Floats (2gr, 3gr, 4gr, 5gr), Cralusso Surf floats (3gr, 4gr, 6gr).

Cralusso Floats

Groundbait whisk, Colmic Olivettes (2gr, 2.5gr, 3gr, 4 gr, 5gr, 6gr, 8gr), Drennan swivel stop beads, Cralusso medium anti-tangle waggler attachments, Tubertini Series 2 hooks (in sizes 20, 18, 16, 14), Series 18 hooks (in sizes 16, 15, 14, 12), Colmic N600 hooks in size 10, and large Cralusso float stops.

Whisk, hooks, float stops, swivel stop beads and olivettes

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A Brax Bonanza, Fyrisån, 12th September 2010

I chose Fyrisån in Uppsala city centre today for my first outing with my new Octbox.  I set it up with just one of the two modules today (I didn’t see the point of taking a second one full of empty pole winders!)

Sliding the footplate and the barrow frame under the main seatbox part of the system, I was able to get the beast into the back of the car, with not a lot of room for much else in the boot space. Carryall and rod bags went on the seats.

Octbox in the car boot

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Octbox 2010 Mk2 Seat Box + Platform + Wheel Barrow + Pole Support System!!!

I’ve mentioned this seatbox on steroids in a couple of earlier posts, and now I have one!  There is an immense amount of hardware in this package, as you can see from the picture (not pictured are the 33 pole float winders, and 2 removable trays that are are inside the seatbox modules).

Nordik Tackle Octbox System Parts

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Igeltjärnen, Värmland, August 2007

I’m dipping back into the archives again, this time to Värmland and a little lily fringed lake in Deje, north of Forshaga.

I was put onto the lake by the guides at the Forshaga Sportfiskecenter with the promise of hard-fighting tench and crucians.

3lb 1oz Crucian

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Trekanten, 5 September 2010

The planets were finally in alignment and so it was that I was able to fish on the same day and the same venue as none other than Dr. Phil and Johan.

After waiting for Phil to navigate his way to the lake without getting rear-ended by a Stockholm tram, we picked out a few pegs on the north bank with gaps just about big enough to swing a cat, if not a 14 foot waggler rod!

I then had to wait for 20 minutes before I could get into my peg as some cheeky lurechucker bagged it whilst we were loading up the trollies.

Johan then started a little swim clearance and bagged the biggest snag of the day in the process.

Johan's snag

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Biskops Ärno, August 2010

On Sunday, I took a short drive up to Biskop Ärno, an island in the northern reaches of Mälaren, and fished for about 4 hours starting at around 1pm. I found a spot about half way along the road bridge on the left-hand side as you approach the island. Close in were a fair few lily pads, but they were not too thick and I could easily cast a waggler into the clearer water beyond, still within a rod length of the rod top.

I set up two waggler rods, one for on the drop and one to fish bottom:

  • a 13 foot with a semi-loaded crystal insert waggler set between 2 and 3 feet deep with a single no. 8 dropper set 9 inches from the hook, a size 14 Tubertini series 18 to .13mm Preston Innovations Direct Mono
  • a 14 foot with a slightly larger 2.5gram loaded crystal insert waggler with a 3 no.6 bulk 18 inches from the hook and a single no.6 dropper 9 inches from the hook (size 12 Tubertini series 18 to .13mm Direct Mono) set 3 inches overdepth in 5-6 feet of water

Due to the steeply sloping bank (and no platform onto which I could place a seatbox), I waded out just a few steps before I was standing in thigh-deep water with my keepnet stretched out to the left and my free-standing Octoplus groundbait stand to the right, holding some spare kit and the bait bowls.

Before starting to fish, I chopped up a large handful of worms, mixing them with casters and some corn, which I then chucked out over an area of couple of square metres, close in the far side of the pads.

I then started spraying red maggots every cast to an area just beyond the worm and casters. Fishing on the drop with the 13 foot rod, bites came from the third cast to double red maggot on the hook. The majority of the fish were roach in the 3-6ounce range with smaller bleak and some larger rudd.

Occasionally, I would throw out a few grains of corn with one on the hook. This tended to bring larger roach and especially rudd (to about 10 ounces) but I would also miss more bites, likely from the smaller fish.

I spent a shortish time on the bottom rig towards the end of the session, and despite putting two grains of corn on the hook, I only caught a number of 10-12 ounce roach, rather than a tench or even a bream that I was hoping for.

I finished the day with a mixed bag over 17 pounds.

A 17 pound mixed bag from Biskops Ärno

Although not visible in the picture, I also had the odd small perch. I also landed a couple of silver fish of about 7 ounces that I did not recognise: they had a dace-like body, but the scales were smaller than on a dace and they had a largish sized mouth. You can see all bar the head of one of these mystery fish at the top of the picture, and the second directly below it at the bottom (its head is also covered). Unfortunately, it was raining when I was packing up and I was in too much of a rush to get a better photo of them.

At least I have a good excuse to go back, perhaps with one of these!


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Mörtsjön, Huddinge, July 2007

This post comes from a little closer to home… Mörtsjön in Huddinge, not to be confused with the Carping “mecca” that is Mörtsjön in Täby (both waters on the Stockholm ticket).

This is an idyllic little water, nestled within a forest. It takes a little bit of walking to get to the lake, and there are only limited swims, so you are taking a gamble going there. On this occasion I was lucky enough to get what I consider to be the best swim at the top end, next to the lilly pads.

Float fishing by the pads in Mörtsjön

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Bream Bagging in Gnösjö, September 2006

For the first few posts on this blog I’m going to dig into my iPhoto library and dig out a few snaps of previous fishing trips. To kick things off, I’m starting with perhaps my best ever bagging session in Sweden (actually, anywhere, to be honest).

For my first multi-day fishing trip since moving to Stockholm at the beginning of the year I took a long drive down to Gnösjö in Småland. You may well ask, “Why the hell would you do that?”

This is a bit of a long story, as it dates back to Christmas 1987 when I got the Angler’s Mail Annual from my parents as a present.

Angler's Mail Annual 1987 front cover

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